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We Have 10 Ideas—Where Would You Bring a Tiki Tunes Speaker?

We Have 10 Ideas—Where Would You Bring a Tiki Tunes Speaker?Score 97%Score 97%

When I first found TikiTunes — a wireless, Bluetooth speaker that’s also an LED tiki torch — I pictured myself sitting around the pool with TikiTunes playing in the background. Designed after the lanterns you’d find at a tiki bar or tropical resort, TikiTunes looks much nicer atop my backyard furniture than your standard, boxy Bluetooth speaker.

But, it just seemed wrong to keep TikiTunes limited to the porch.

This small speaker has big potential, and it can do so much more than set pool vibes.

I’ve been taking it with me everywhere. Here are some of the ways you can use TikiTunes to make the right mix of music and lights.

1. Take TikiTunes to the Beach

TikiTunes is sealed against dust and water. So a little sand and spray from the ocean will go great with your tropical music. When you’re at the beach, your music can set the mood for summer. Or, you can use the LED lamp to light your way on a beach walk in the evening.

2. Set the Mood at a Romantic Dinner

Skip the Candles (fire risk, anyone? Set TikiTunes in the middle of your table instead. The flashing LED light creates the same mood as a candle, and it can be used with or without music. So, you can add even more atmosphere by playing soft versions of your favorite love songs, or you can turn off the music and let your talk shine. Even if you get caught up in the romance of the night, you won’t have to worry about leaving candle lights unchecked.

3. Lounge in Luxury by the Pool

When you see TikiTunes, you immediately think, “Pool day!” This movable speaker can make your outdoor pool look like it belongs at a fancy lodge.

You might not be able to find a cabana boy to bring you Mai Tais, but you can play your favorite songs all day long. TikiTunes can play songs for six hours on a single charge. Just make sure you have enough sunscreen to last for that long.

4. Take TikiTunes Camping

The sound of TikiTunes playing softly at your campground will help you find your way back when you’re looking for the perfect stick for roasting marshmallows. This speaker can be charged, and it comes with a Micro USB cable so you can quickly plug it into your car charger when the battery gets low.

5. Have a Home Spa Day

Turn off the lights, set up TikiTunes next to your tub, and let the bubbles flow. You can skip songs and change the volume right from your water-resistant TikiTunes speaker, so you don’t have to mess with your phone or computer while your hands are wet and dirty. In fact, you can put that phone out of reach and not worry about it. The sync range for TikiTunes is 30 ft.

6. Host a Backyard Movie Night


If you get two TikiTunes, you can sync them together to make stereo sound, just like you’re at the movie theater—except most movie houses don’t include a night out under the stars. Hang a white sheet on your fence or wall to have a movie night in your garden. Then, connect your phone, tablet, or laptop to a movable screen. If you sync TikiTunes to the same device, you’ll have the coolest outdoor party ever.

7. Bring It on Your Next Snow Day

TikiTunes is the right companion for making a snowman in the park or ice skating on the lake. I already told you that it doesn’t get wet, which is great for cold days, but it can also stand up to the weather. This small speaker can survive temperatures from -4 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. So, it can be fun in both the sun and the snow.

8. Decorate Your Mantel for a Cozy Night In

TikiTunes will look great above your fireplace, whether you’re too lazy to start a fire or just want a little more atmosphere. Get your best book, a blanket, and a cup of tea. Then, put on some soft jazz and think about why home is where the heart is, not the fire.

9. Host a Luau

I love theme parties more than anything else. And TikiTunes makes your luau the best place to be. This small speaker has a lot of sound for how small it is. It has a strong bass and an interesting middle, so the music will be heard over the noise of the party. Gather some hula hoops, hula lays, and coconut party cups because you’re having a party.

10. Give It as a Gift

Whenever I take TikiTunes somewhere, people always ask me where I got it. You can stop them from asking by giving them the answer. TikiTunes is the best gift for a summer party hostess and the best gift for the whole family for Christmas.





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