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The Gadget That Transforms You into an Electrician, Plumber, and Craftsman

The Gadget That Transforms You into an Electrician, Plumber, and Craftsman

The Gadget That Transforms You into an Electrician, Plumber, and Craftsman

If you’ve ever said to yourself, “There’s no way I can fix this,” you should try Bondic.

Bondic resembles a pen and seals better than glue, yet it is unlike any other tool in your toolbox. Best of all, Bondic enables even the most inexperienced DIYers to become expert DIYers.

Bondic uses UV light and the Bondic liquid plastic welder to seal, repair, and even rebuild virtually any material.

It works on metal, wood, ceramics, plastic, and even glass, providing a long-lasting hold on even the most hopeless — until now — situations.

By repairing your own leaky kitchen sink with Bondic, you may become a master plumber. Alternatively, become a craftsman and repair your cracked dining room table. Even better, cancel all of your appointments with the Genius Bar or Geek Squad because Bondic can now repair damaged wires and other plastic equipment.

How Bondic Works: Rebuild and Restore in Just Four Seconds 

Wondering how it works?

Begin by cleaning the damaged area with Bondic. Then, use the liquid plastic welder to repair the damaged area.

After applying the liquid, shine the UV light for four seconds on the seam, and bang! The liquid solidifies into a solid layer.

One of the numerous reasons Bondic outperforms glue is as follows: Bondic liquid does not solidify unless exposed to ultraviolet light. There are no glue droplets spilling on furniture or rugs, and no sticky fingers – there is no mess at all.

Bondic can also be molded to any shape. If your damaged object has missing pieces or uneven edges, you can use Bondic to repair what’s missing or broken – conventional glue can’t accomplish that!

8 Amazing Things You Can Do With Bondic

Bondic offers nearly any material a long-lasting grip. Bondic can repair anything, from a cracked pair of sunglasses to a broken coffee table leg or a shredded computer wire.

Bondic can repair almost any broken object with a single tool. There’s no need to buy six different adhesives, each claiming to be the greatest glue for plastic, wood, or metal – Bondic can fix them all.

1. Repair a Broken Heel

If you’ve ever tripped over a sidewalk and broken a perfectly nice pair of heels, don’t throw them away.

Instead, Bondic the heel back to the bottom of the shoe, restoring your heels to new condition.

The same can be true for other pairs of damaged shoes. Do you have a pair of running shoes that appear to be separating at the seams? Bonic can be used to repair them.

Disappointed with a scuffed pair of men’s dress shoes? Bondic should be used to rebuild and seal it.

Are you tempted to discard a pair of shoes with a damaged strap? Bondic was used to put things back together.

2. Fix a Shredded Computer Cord

If you buy a new Mac cord, a broken one will cost you $79. Repair your cord with Bondic to save money and treat yourself to takeout.

You can quickly seal shredded plastic back together with Bondic, including cords for your television, second monitor, phone, or laptop.

Bondic can be used to insulate exposed wires on electronics. You may reconstruct lost or damaged parts, especially those around electronic cables, with Bondic’s UV glue pen.

3. Repair Your Own Side Mirrors

If you live in an urban area and own a car, you know all-too-well the fear of parking on the street. How many times has another vehicle or bicyclist side-swiped your mirrors, causing you hundreds of dollars in damage?

With Bondic, spare yourself the trip to the auto body repair shop and fix your own mirrors with Bondic. Bondic’s UV glue works on every material — even metal! — allowing you to fix your side mirror on your own.

4. Restore a Treasured Toy

If you’re a parent, chances are your child has a favorite toy. And the chances are even better that your child would be heartbroken if anything ever happened to it.

With Bondic, you can repair and rebuild favorite toys — from model airplanes, train sets, figurines, toy cars, and even tricycles. Bondic seals plastic and metal, helping to give a lasting hold to your child’s most prized possession.

5. Repair Your Cell Phone Cases and Screen Protectors

There is no more frightening feeling than dropping your phone on the sidewalk (except dropping it in the toilet, of course).

And while Bondic can’t protect your phone from water, it can fix any cracks in your phone case or screen protector. Making sure your case and screen protector is durable and free of cracks ensures the safety of your phone.

Bondic restores your $30 screen protector and $50 phone case, thereby helping protect your $1,000 phone.

6. Become Your Own Plumber

With Bondic, you no longer have to call a plumber every time a pipe leaks.

Bondic can repair garbage disposals, toilets, and your kitchen sink by sealing any leaksRather than pay a plumber a service fee — let alone the price of a replacement part — simply fix the leak yourself, with Bondic.

And yes — the ultraviolet glue from Bondic is strong enough to withstand water pressure, stopping household leaks.

7. Rebuild Broken Furniture

If there’s a leg broken off your bar stool, kitchen table, or coffee table, don’t toss it in the dumpster — repair it with Bondic.

Bondic is strong enough to repair wooden objects, even furnitureThe liquid lazer bond formula is designed to last forever, so it will withstand many more dinner parties, holidays, and game nights in your home.

Don’t waste your money buying new furniture — restore what you already own, with Bondic.

8. Fix Your Own Eyeglasses

Prescription eyeglasses don’t come cheap.

If you ever sat on, drove over, or otherwise smashed a pair of perfectly good glasses, you know the heart-sinking feeling that follows. But with Bondic, you don’t need to see your optometrist to get a new pair — in fact, you don’t have to get a new pair at all.

With Bondic, you can repair your broken glasses (and you won’t be able to tell, unlike the Scotch-tape effect). Whether you damaged a pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses, you can fix them with Bondic.

Fix Anything With Bondic: For Less than a Tank of Gas

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