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The Best Ring Light For Zoom And Video Conference 2023

Score 98%

This amazing little gizmo makes me look like a pro in online video calls in 2 seconds!

Ring lights produce the most appealing and uniform lighting for video conferencing. These doughnut-shaped bulbs generate a flattering, diffuse glow that minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and eliminates any harsh facial shadows.

I must admit that I came very close to quitting my teaching position last year when we were required to move our classroom online.

I feel a little embarrassed about explaining why… When I recall that time, I still feel ashamed. It’s funny to hear, or maybe you’ll understand exactly what I’m talking about.

So, here it is: I was almost out of a job because I detested video conferencing so much.

I’m not even referring to technological issues. I couldn’t take the constant reminder of my own face.

Nothing lit up in my eyes… My complexion was so pale it looked almost gray (despite what the mirror in my bathroom said). It didn’t look like me at all!

Consequently, I neglected my students in favor of worrying excessively about how dark, sad, and dreadful I looked.

Not only did it prevent me from focusing on my teaching, but it also made me doubt my own abilities. I didn’t feel like the person portrayed on film was me, therefore it was hard to be the strong leader my pupils needed.

Because I’m not normally preoccupied with my physical appearance, this was particularly irritating. I don’t have to look amazing, but I can’t afford to look terrible, either.

Fatigue set in as the semester progressed, making my dreadful “camera appearance” all the more real.

I even attempted taping over the “self-view” with a post-it note, but I couldn’t shake the idea that I was just masking the issue rather than solving it. My class could still see me, after all… and now there was no way for me to know if anything bad had happened.

At some point, I simply snapped. I told my spouse I was thinking of switching careers or, at the very least, taking some time off until classes started up again. I delayed telling him the truth for so long because I was afraid he wouldn’t understand. plus this:

My husband laughed at me when I told him the truth.

“Seriously? Is that it? Smiling, he chuckled at the thought. “Honey, don’t fret; that can be easily remedied. I have a small ring-shaped device mounted above my pc; have you ever seen it?

He requested a Zoom call, and when I picked up, I couldn’t believe my eyes!
It was a perfect day for my spouse. The radiance of his skin… There were no dark circles beneath his eyes, and he was full of life and self-assurance.

I can’t believe this is my first time hearing this on a Zoom call with him; I would have definitely noticed this sooner!

“Okay… What the heck are you doing?! I made an inquiry.

He winked cheesily and explained, “It’s this portable ring light I found online called OlumiRing, and as you can see, it makes me look even better on video calls than I do in person.” The speaker says, “I bet you didn’t think that was possible, did you?”

You’d better take it seriously I quickly ran to his room, took the item off his computer, and installed it on mine for evaluation. That the light wasn’t working for me was because I didn’t have the same ideal conditions as he did, I reasoned. OMG MY GOSH!

I pressed a button, and instantly my appearance improved greatly; the before and after comparison was startling. I was shocked at how good I looked.

I went out and bought my own OlumiRing right away, and now I’m really happy that I did. It’s convenient because I can take it with me and use it in any environment; also, it takes excellent pictures. Let me explain why I love this thing so much if you’ve ever been dissatisfied after looking at your reflection in a video call.

What is OlumiRing?

The portable “ring light” OlumiRing ensures that you always look your best in online video conversations, regardless of where you are or the lighting conditions.

It is compatible with computers, tablets, and smartphones and can be used by simply clipping it to the top of the device. The button must be pressed… et voilà! OlumiRing quickly enhances your digital appearance.

The fact that no screws, mount, or tripod are required is an added bonus. There is no software to install. Putting it on is as easy as clipping it on.

It’s a cinch to use OlumiRing to improve your video appearance.
OlumiRing features three distinct lighting modes, making it simple to find the optimal setting for any given situation with the flip of a switch.

To activate, click the button once; to cycle through the different lighting settings, press it again. Simply maintain button press to cycle through brightness levels. Nothing could make it simpler.

These presets make it simple to look your best in any setting, and they work especially well with the fabricated backdrops that seem to be the norm these days.

OlumiRing’s compact size (it’s just over 3 inches broad) ensures that it will never be out of reach. It’s a breeze to have OlumiRing within easy reach, whether you’re hopping from one room to another or jetting across the globe.

Overall, this adorable ring light performs admirably without any adjustments needing to be made. When I do video calls or record lessons for my pupils, I can do so in style.

What makes OlumiRing so special?

To begin, I have not discovered a product as adaptable as OlumiRing. It’s the most hassle-free method of acquiring adequate illumination for ANY electronic gadget, day or night, indoors or out.

Let me be the first to admit that I was concerned about scratching my screen with it. However, the OlumiRing’s plush interior will keep your gadget safe from harm.

OlumiRing can be used for over an hour without a cable and can be recharged in that time. However, OlumiRing hooked into a USB port can be used for extended periods of time for making online video calls (quite convenient for when my students need to stay after class).

My husband also commented that the OlumiRing has a built-in diffuser to soften the light and bring out the best in your features without creating a “artificial lighting” effect.

OlumiRing helps your face and skin look brighter without being overbearing or disturbing because of its diffuser, which prevents the light from falling unevenly on your face.

Here are some of the many ways my household has embraced the OlumiRing.
After wearing my OlumiRing for a few days and feeling terrific while instructing, I realized that my students would benefit from wearing one as well.

My spouse is still the “OlumiRing king” and puts in a lot of time fielding internet sales calls. I know OlumiRing is in the zone anytime I catch sight of him working on his laptop.

My photographic son is really smitten with his OlumiRing. He employs it to illuminate his surroundings with studio-grade illumination anytime, anywhere. (Spoiler alert: it also makes your selfies a hundred times better.)

My daughter uses it as a “glamour light” by clipping it to the top of a mirror when she applies her makeup.

And it’s not simply because I always look my best… When I’m wearing my OlumiRing, I feel like my best self.
OlumiRing completely shifted how I feel about using video conferencing tools in general, and it allowed me to regain my confidence in front of the classroom. It’s simple and effective in its execution.

In fact, as soon as I start the video conversation, my mood is instantly lifted by the sight of that warm, spherical light in front of me.

Plus, I now have a fantastic device for making video calls home, taking pictures, making selfies, and many other uses. In a pinch, I even used one as a desk lamp.

A return to “the dark ages” is something I simply cannot fathom. I no longer experience the dread I had previously associated with joining video conferences. In my opinion, that’s priceless!



Best Ring Light for Zoom Conference

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