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This Gadget Puts An Entire Toolbox In Your Pocket

This Gadget Puts An Entire Toolbox In Your Pocket

I’ve been a general builder my whole life, so I’ve seen a lot of “multi-tools.”

Some are great lasting equipment… but most of them are silly junk. They are either totally useless (none of the “functionalities” work) or fall apart after a few weeks of light use. Bah.

So, when my friend gave me a new multi-tool called Keyzmo that claims to be “an entire toolbox in a small key-sized device,” I was naturally suspicious…

But my friend said it could do all of my daily jobs if I needed it to. He said that he bought a pair to try out because he saw it on social media. First, he was going to give it to his son, but after trying it, he thought someone like me would enjoy it more…

So I put it on my keychain, mostly to make my friend happy.

But after a few weeks of carrying it around, I have to admit: He was right.

Keyzmo doesn’t just look nice on your keychain – it’s a very well-made everyday tool.

I’m not easy to impress, either… but I’ve been shocked by how useful it is. Not only is it made with high-quality materials, I use at least one of the 16 built-in tools every day – and all of them perform extremely well. So don’t be fooled by its compact size!

While I’m not about to throw away my entire toolbox, I have noticed that Keyzmo includes pretty much all of the tools I use on a daily basis. It’s very useful when you’re in a pinch – it’s sort of like having your toolbelt with you wherever you go. Let me explain…

What is Keyzmo?

Keyzmo is a key-shaped multi-tool that includes 16 functionalities:

  • Multi-Bit Screwdriver (Slotted, Phillips, Square & Combo)
  • ¼ Inch Bit Driver
  • Bottle Opener
  • Wire Stripper
  • Wire Bender + Bike Spoke Key
  • Serrated Edge
  • ¼ Inch Open Wrench
  • Metric Closed Wrench
  • Imperial Closed Wrench
  • Lanyard Hole
  • Scoring Tip
  • File
  • Imperial Ruler
  • Metric Ruler
  • Protractor
  • 12 Point Universal wrench

No question: This is the most useful multi-tool I’ve ever tried.

Keyzmo is made from 420 Stainless Steel, which gives it a sleek, “expensive-looking” appearance. Unlike cheap gimmicks, I’m not ashamed to bust out my Keyzmo in a pinch – and I’ve even received compliments from fellow contractors!

Most importantly, all the tools function the same as (or very close to) the “real deal”. Don’t get fooled by the clever design – the Keyzmo was clearly made by fellow contractors, and it holds its own even during tough projects.

Oh, right – I should mention the bottle opener has come in clutch on more than a few occasions. It’s the perfect way to celebrate after a job well done.

How I use Keyzmo to do pretty much everything

Let’s get into the details here, shall we? I’ll start with the functionalities I use most.

First off, the Multi-Bit Screwdriver is my favorite part – it really surprised me. It’s 9 different screwdriver tips in 1 head, which means it works with all of the most common screw heads. No other tool has this… it’s genius! I didn’t expect to be able to get much power with it, but the design actually makes it easy to use on anything but the most resistant screws.

Naturally, it won’t replace a power drill… but I’ve found myself reaching for my Keyzmo instead of heading back to the van multiple times. It’s a huge time-saver!

Next, the wrenches are excellent. Keyzmo includes 12 closed wrenches (both imperial and metric sizes) – meaning it can handle any quick fix without much effort. The small size also makes it especially useful in situations where a normal wrench won’t fit.

I’m still waiting to use some of the functions, but I can tell you that the wire stripper and bender work like a charm – so far I’ve used it to change outlets around my house, set up my surround sound, and even fix a few loose car wires.

The cut on the serrated knife edge is clean and precise, too. It’s perfect for opening boxes, cutting rope and even slicing through tree branches. Because the edge is enclosed, it’s completely TSA compliant.

Of course, if I’m being really honest… I probably use the bottle opener more than anything else. I think it’s pretty cool that I was able to replace my old keychain bottle opener (which was bulky and had a jagged edge) with this one – it’s nicely integrated into the Keyzmo.

Who is Keyzmo ideal for?

As you can imagine, contractors and handymen are going to love Keyzmo… but that’s just the beginning.

Anyone who has limited space yet handles a wide variety of tasks is going to love this thing – and DIYers, cyclists, motorcycle riders, hikers, backpackers, skateboarders, and others are already raving about it.

Honestly, I think anyone who’s somewhat active will get plenty of use out of it. It’s a great utility tool to have available at all times.

To me, the most important proof comes from the others who’ve tested it too… and as of this writing, it’s chalked up a 95% positive user rating. Clearly, I’m not alone!

Bottom line: Keyzmo passes this contractor’s “usefulness test” (with flying colors)!

Simply put, Keyzmo packs in a TON of “problem-solving utility” – which is crazy, considering the fact that it fits in the palm of your hand.

It also blends in with my other keys perfectly, so it’s a no-brainer for anyone who uses any of these tools regularly.

So, yeah… I’m definitely impressed by this lightweight, yet strong and well-built multi-tool. It’s earned its (small) spot in my pocket, and it’s even saved my ass a few times!

Note: They’ve been hit by heavy demand lately, so it’s a bit difficult to find – but if you get the chance, I highly recommend trying Keyzmo for yourself.

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